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Fishing off rocks at Little Huia.
Picnicking at Huia Reserve, Little Huia and Karamatura Valley.
Playground in Huia Reserve.
Huia Lookout 2km east of Huia. Mt Donald McLean on road to Whatipu.
Swimming at Little Huia (near high tide) and Karamatura Stream.
Walks at Huia Dam, Karamatura Valley & Mt Donald McLean.


Boat ramps at Little Huia, Huia Reserve and Foster Ave.
Dairy & takeaways at eastern end of Huia.
Information stand at Karamatura Valley.
Parking at Huia Reserve, Little Huia, Huia Dam and Karamatura Valley.
Toilets at Huia reserve and Karamatura Valley, and Portaloo at Little Huia.


  • Views from Huia & Donald McLean lookouts
  • Karamatura Loop Walk
  • Visit Huia Dam
  • Have a picnic at Huia Reserve
  • Cool off in Karamatura Stream

Huia is a peaceful town on the edge of the Manakau Harbour, backed by the rugged bush-clad hills of the southern Waitakere Ranges. Its main attractions are its stunning scenery, great bush-walking and tranquility. Huia does not attract the hordes of day-trippers that converge on many of the other west coast spots, probably due to the tidal nature of its beaches, and this only adds to its charm.

Upon entering Huia, be sure to stop at the lookout, which offers spectacular views over the bay and out to the harbour entrance. Then continue down the hill to the main beach, which has a grassy reserve with playground that is ideal for a picnic.

Continue further along the road to Little Huia, an even smaller and quiter settlement. There is a place to launch the boat, and the rocks to the right of the ramp provide a great opportunity for kids to search for crabs at low tide. The beach offers good swimming at high tide but beware of the current on the outgoing tide.

For the more energetic, there are several excellent walks in the area. Karamatura Valley offers some great short walks for all ages and the stream is ideal for cooling off on a hot summer's day. Head up to Mt Donald Mclean where a short walk to the summit is rewarded with 360 views over the Waitakere Ranges, Manakau Harbour and the Tasman Sea.

If you wish to linger in Huia for a little longer, there are several options for overnight stays. The Auckland Regional Council offer camping at the Barn Paddock and Karamatura camp grounds, as well as allowing campervans to stay in the Barn Paddock carpark for up to 2 nights. They have a bach for families and a couple of lodges for larger groups. See their website for more details.


Member: andrew [webmaster]
Date: 14 August 2010
Comment: Huia is one of my favourite spots. Great scenery and walks, plus it doesn't attract the same crowds as some other west coast destinations.